2 Secrets to Being a Better Christian Online

A satire headline proclaimed Average Facebook Argument Results In 12 Conversions To Christ. It’s funny, and a good laugh, but then we don’t change our behavior.

There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about what you believe. It’s good, in fact. And we do need to take a stand when wrong is being done or being promoted. But as Christians, we need to do it differently than the world, especially to those we disagree with.

1. Learn to Listen Well

As a culture, we yearn to be heard. We’re used to telling, and being told. The sheer number of voices vying for our attention is massive. They want us to listen to them. We end up feeling alone and unheard.

It’s hard to listen well and show you’re genuine interest via screen. But, by listening to someone, even our haters, we serve a deep-seated need they have. By listening to them, they see we care about them as a person. And paradoxically, the more we listen well, the more likely they are to listen to us; normally, we just talk more if we want them to listen.

Hearing someone doesn’t mean agreeing with them, it means understanding where they’re coming from.

2. Love Your Haters

Jesus tells us to love our enemies. That includes our Facebook haters. They might genuinely offend us, say something hateful or hurtful, be a jerk, or all of the above. We’re still called to love them.

Note: loving them doesn’t mean agreeing with them. It might still mean correcting them or standing up for what’s right. But, it’s possible to do those things in a loving way. We need to preach the truth in charity.

Pope Benedict says, “Without truth, charity degenerates into sentimentality.” Charity (love) without truth ends up not being love at all. And on the flip side, truth without love is just cruel. We need both.

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