3 Things Fantasy Books Can Teach Us About Faith

I don’t know about you, but I loved reading books growing up. I especially loved the fantasy genre, seeing different worlds similar, but oh so different, from our own. Three things that we can learn from those books.

1. There’s More to the World than You See

Fantasy allows the author to depict a world like ours, but deeper. Whether it’s Middle Earth with its elves and dwarves and orcs, or Wrinkle in Time with the angel-like Servants, or Narnia with talking animals and all sorts of bizarre creatures, it allows us to see that there’s something more to this world than just what we see.

It helps us see that there’s a supernatural dimension to our own world, that it’s more than just visible reality, there’s an invisible reality too.

2. Evil Exists and We Must Fight It

Lord of the Rings and Narnia are about an epic battle between good and evil. Evil is real and it’s a threat. So too in our own world, evil exists, but a growing trend in our culture is to pretend that it doesn’t.

Sometimes, it takes seeing a fictional world, a world slightly different than ours, to show us something true about our own world.

3. Even the Weak and Flawed are Called to Battle

Some of the heroes in books grew up that way, trained from birth. Aragorn was, but he ran away from that, only to later embrace his place as king.

But, most of them are just ordinary people like you and me, flawed and weak and imperfect. In the Narnia series, Peter, Susan, and the other siblings are just ordinary kids, but they have a role in the fight to save Narnia. In Lord of the Rings, the fate of Middle Earth rests in the hands of Sam and Frodo, two hobbits who didn’t necessarily choose to be here but said Yes when the time came.

Same with us. We have a role to play in the supernatural battle. We’re weak and imperfect, but Jesus isn’t and He’s working in us.

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