Here’s How to Let Your Priest Know You Appreciate Him

Priests work hard. They always work Sundays and holidays and usually have weird hours. How often do we thank them for all they do for us? Without priests, we wouldn’t have the sacraments; couldn’t go to confession or receive the Eucharist.

Here are a few ways you can say thanks:

1. Celebrate Their Big Days

Priests have birthdays, too. And anniversaries of big milestones in their life: ordination, placement at the parish, joining the order (if they’re in a religious order). Offer up prayers for your priest on their special days, and drop him a note to let you know you (and anyone else you’ve convinced to join you) have prayed for him in a special way that day. Small gifts can also so your appreciation.

2. Write Them a Note

From the everyday – celebrating Mass, hearing confession, offering advice – to the extraordinary – emergency hospital visits, offering special prayers for a loved one, taking the time to walk you through a teaching you don’t understand – priests do a lot for their flock. Drop them a note (you don’t need to write a book!) letting them know how much they mean to you. It will make their day, especially if it’s been a while since you last spoke.

3. Pray For Them

Priests work hard for their flock and for God. Not only can this tire them out, but it puts a big bullseye from the devil on their back. Wrap your priests in prayer – send your Guardian Angel to team up with his angel for his protection. Priests are always in need of our prayers, so consider including him in your daily prayer routine to make sure you’ve always got him covered.

4. Frequent the Sacraments

Ordained priests have a special role in the life of the Church. One of the most important things they do is make sacraments available to the faithful. So make your spiritual dad proud by letting him do his job for you. Go to Mass. Go to Confession. Live the life. If you need help, let him know. He’ll know how to help and/or point you in the direction of the resources/people that will get you there.

No matter what you do, do something and make sure your priest(s) know they’re appreciated and loved!

19 Ways to Let Your Parish Priest Know You Appreciate Him | FOCUS Blog

Photo: modified from the original by Quinn Dombrowski on flickr- CC BY-SA 2.0