2 Tips to Embrace (And Cure?) FOMO

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. For those of us who have FOMO, life can be rough. There’s always something else to do, something else to say “yes” to. And that can run even the most energetic of us down. While you might simply want to be in-the-know and involved, be careful, because FOMO might be a sign of something bigger: missing out on your identity and source of joy.

Activity is nice. Spending time with friends is great. No one’s telling you to be a hermit, but you have to slow down.

To the extent that we allow this stillness of soul, we begin to know who we are.

It’s okay to say no. In fact, sometimes we need to. If we miss out on saying no, we could be missing out on something really big.

Here are 2 ways to slow down and keep yourself from getting caught up in the FOMO spiral:

  1. Set your schedule ahead of time. Figure out your weekend and evening plans days in advance, and then stick to them. The plans were good enough for you to make them, so they’re good enough for you to keep them. It’s okay to not do everything. In fact, it’s recommended.
  2. Set Time Aside. Extroverts suffer from FOMO more than introverts, but there’s a valuable lesson to learn from the other side: get some down time. Without it, you will go crazy. Without prayer, you will forget who you are. Even if you’re in extrovert, there’s some “recharging” to be found in quiet time alone.

Hello, FOMO’s: Welcome to the Life-Changing Habit of Saying “No” | FOCUS Blog